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Quantum dots (QD) are semiconductor nanocrystals several nanometers in diameter. When excited by light or electrical current, QDs emit light of specific frequencies (or colors) which enable them to be used as detectors in biological systems. Ellume scientists have developed techniques to form a novel class of particle based on hundreds of quantum dots which is used as an ultra-bright fluorescent reporter in Ellume products. This reporter, when bound with detector antibodies, delivers substantial improvements in performance when compared to existing detectors.

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We have coupled fluorescent particles with a single-use fluorescent assay reader. This reader delivers excitation light to the test and detects light emitted by the fluorescent reporter if the target protein (such as influenza virus) is present. This light is below the limit of visible detection and the system enables sensing of miniscule levels of fluorescent particles. In a major innovative step, the reader technology has been reduced to just a few electrical and optical components which enable the detection of picograms of analyte.

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Our technical team led by Dr Scott Fry collaborated with market leading designers to develop an elegant and intuitive smart device that connects to our suite of products. The ellume·lab earns its place on a doctor’s desk with its ease of use, speed, accuracy, powerful performance and versatility.