Ellume Home Flu Test

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The Ellume Home Flu Test (EHFT) is a rapid diagnostic test for Influenza A+B that links seamlessly to a smart phone through the Ellume digital application. The test is designed for consumer use and will be available over the counter.

The Ellume Home Flu Test is a diagnostic aid that offers the user a direct link to a healthcare provider through a convenient telemedicine service.

Why Test?

Digital medical solutions empower patients. The ability of the Ellume Home Flu Test to connect diagnosis and therapy provides universal benefits.

  • Empower patients to take increased control of their health
  • Early detection of Influenza A+B and treatment or disease management minimizes development of secondary complications including pneumonia, heart, brain and muscle disease
  • Reduce the contagious window and disease spread based on appropriate treatment
  • Limit the spread of Influenza through increased patient awareness
  • Decrease global health spending

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  • Reliable

    Accurate & currently undergoing clinical validation

  • Convenient

    Test anywhere at any time

  • Easy to use

    Free app with easy on-screen instructions

  • Access

    Connect to a doctor through telemedicine service

  • Connected

    Download and share results

  • Fast

    Result in 15 minutes

This test will not be available to Australian consumers as the Therapeutic Goods (Excluded purposes) Specification 2010, amended 2014, does not allow an influenza IVD intended for self-testing to be included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

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Instructional Video

The Ellume Home Flu Test is simple to use. It capitalizes on the familiarity of the user’s own smartphone and provides simple on-screen instructions through the test’s app.

Watch the instructional video to see how it works.

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Clinical Validation

The Ellume Home Flu Test is currently under clinical evaluation.