About Us

Our vision is a world where people return to health as soon as possible.

Our purpose is to create digital diagnostic solutions that link people to optimal therapy.

What We Do

We develop, manufacture, and commercialize the next generation of digital diagnostic products for healthcare professionals and consumers. Our focus is the accurate diagnosis of common infectious diseases. Our products improve healthcare outcomes for individuals, their families, and their communities.

Our Story

Note from Dr Sean Parsons – Managing Director & Founder

Despite advances in modern medicine, infectious diseases continue to pose a significant threat to humanity. Ellume was founded to address these problems through innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment accessibility.

During the 2009 swine flu pandemic I was working as a physician in a busy emergency department. Scores of patients were presenting with symptoms of influenza. Laboratory tests took several days to return results and the small range of rapid influenza tests available lacked accuracy and reliability. Inappropriate prescribing of antivirals and antibiotics was unavoidable, as was non-prescribing for influenza infected patients. It was then that I realised there was a clear need for a faster, simpler and more accurate way to diagnose influenza and other infectious diseases.

The technology Ellume developed to meet this need consists of several layers of innovation. Investment in the core science has been significant and has resulted in multiple patent families. Around this core science we’ve wrapped simple, intuitive user interfaces with smart-device connectivity to create unique products.

Our Technology has enabled us to create a digital diagnostic platform used across our entire product range. By integrating our high-performance diagnostic technology with smart devices and software, we are delivering additional value and are achieving better health outcomes. As we proceed, we’ll be looking to build on these strengths of digital, connected diagnostics and bring high-impact products to commercialization.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team is comprised of executives with proven experience in leading healthcare, diagnostics, finance, law, fast-moving consumer goods and technology organisations. We share a mutual passion for innovating healthcare and challenging conventional thinking to achieve our goals.

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