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Our team of clinicians, scientists, engineers and software developers are innovating products which enable effective and efficient healthcare. We use proprietary technologies and systems to bring unique products to the hands of clinicians and consumers. Our focus is common, burdensome illness where early accurate diagnoses can improve healthcare outcomes for large numbers of people and reduce total healthcare costs.

Our medical diagnostic products are distinguished by their technical performance, ease of use, rapid time to result and connectivity.

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 Note from Dr Sean Parsons – Managing Director & Founder

The swine flu pandemic of 2009 provided the impetus to found Ellume. I was working as a doctor in a busy emergency department where scores of people were presenting wanting to know if they had flu and, if so, what could be done to manage it. Laboratory tests were taking days to return results and the available rapid tests lacked accuracy, so clinicians were forced to make treatment decisions without a reliable biological diagnosis. Unwarranted prescribing of both antivirals and antibiotics was essentially unavoidable, as was inappropriate non-prescribing for influenza infected patients. There was clearly an unmet and critical need for a faster, simpler, reliable way to diagnose and manage influenza.

The technology Ellume developed to meet this unmet need evolved over several years and consists of several layers of innovation (described in ‘Our Technology’). Investment in the core science has been significant and has resulted in multiple patent families with supporting national-phase applications. Around this core science we’ve wrapped simple, intuitive user interfaces with smart-device connectivity to create unique products.

The technology has enabled us to create the influenza product as we envisaged, but it has also generated products for other conditions, including Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Group A Streptococcus and Chlamydia. The first products in our pipeline will be released to the professional market in 2017 and I look forward to commercialising products to meet the unmet need identified at the outset of the company.

As smart-phone technology has evolved, we’ve tailored our products for use as a hub for personal healthcare. Ellume technology is well suited to this use and the rapid expansion of telemedicine for common conditions provides a natural link for patients seeking clinical management. There will be further release of information in coming months and we’re excited about future Ellume products. Stay tuned.

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